Federalism in Austria

The Austria consists of nine federal states. The federal constitution guarantees the nine Bundesländer relatively autonomous state legislation and administration and thus their own rights, competences and legitimacy. Unlike many other federalist states, Austria is highly centralized and many very important competencies are assigned to the federal government while the Bundesländer are reduced to a few responsibilities. In science, the question is raised as to whether Austria is a Federation without federalism.1 The Institute for Federalism would like to provide information on federalism and decentralization, objectify discussions and further develop federalism in Austria. In "Alle Neune" you will find the most important points on federalism and federalism in Austria concisely and clearly. 1 Erk, J (2004). Austria: A Federation without Federalism. Publius, 34(1), 1-20. http://www.jstor.org/stable/3331153